About the Artist

Gretchen Peterson Johnston has been making art in one form or another most of her life.  She has degrees in French and Music Literature and had the good fortune to spend much time in the great museums and concert halls of Europe during her formative years.  

After several years of working in non-profit administration, Gretchen became a stay-at-home mom and, in 1996, started a new business, Gretchen's Painting, where she still creates beautiful faux finishes, decorative painting, and murals. 

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Gretchen has worked in textiles and fashion design, and has created many fine art pieces on canvas. 

Jewelry has always been her obsession, so it was a natural progression to design and make it herself, adding more skills and tools as her work developed.  Inspiration comes from diverse sources, stories, materials, and beautiful stones.  

Gretchen's work pays homage to the Japanese concept of "wabi sabi" (which "nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect".) While you should expect many years of enjoyment from your pieces of jewelry, each one exhibits a bit of imperfection, showing "the hand of the maker." 

Gretchen is a lifelong resident of Central Texas, and many of her pieces reflect the colors and warmth of the Southwest.